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founder of I GO TO SRILANKA

Founder of I GO TO SRI LANKA 

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all... -Helen Keller-

Many say that when you are doing something you should do what you love, and as the team at I Go To Sri Lanka, we firmly stand by it as we are a team driven by passion, with an insatiable hunger to explore the beautiful isle of Sri Lanka in a more meaningful manner.


The Beginning

It all began when a young boy named Dinusha, started hanging around with his father – a well-seasoned travel agent powered by over 25 years of experience; going to places, interacting with people and experiencing new things. Unknown at the time, Dinusha was been inspired by his father with every little adventure that took him deeper into the world of traveling. He loved the journey, the interaction, learning awe-inspiring legends behind old creations, captivated by all, bored by none; the future founder of I Go To Sri Lanka, was born.


The love for travel was in his blood, and it became contagious as he grew older where he formed a team of excellence sharing the same zeal, guided by the golden wisdom of his old man – Henry Maximus Fernando.



We believe in taking people to ‘experience’ places. Why spend all your hard earned money to just visit a place and listen to a narration that is straight from the text book? Travelling is about, stepping out of your comfort zones and being in that moment, eat the local food, engage with the people and if adrenaline kicks in, why not be a part of an event, a festival, a custom/ritual. That’s what we want you to feel... to live and embrace the island life totally Sri Lankan style! Apart from that, we practice Sustainable Tourism!


While taking every measure to make sure the greenery around us is preserved, we also contribute to the development of the community and the destination. As an initiative, we partner up with a seasoned local who will know all of treasured secrets /legends, the best hangouts and the smallest of ordinary lifestyle activities that are surprisingly refreshing to all of us. Simply it’s all about spreading joy and redefining travel...

Love to be a part of a fulfilling travel experience contact us right now.


THE FAMILY (a.k.a The Team)

With offices based in both Italy and Sri Lanka, once you come to us, you will be accompanied and guided only by an authorized member of our team, who will be taking care of you right to the end of the journey until you safely return to your home. Your safety is our prime concern and we believe that at the hands of an I Go To Sri Lanka, the representative you are always cared for and treated like a one in the family. 

transport and logistics manager     

Mr. W.M Ruchira Lakshan
As a graduate from Middlesex London University on Business Management; Lakshan, joined our family as the Manager of Logistics and operations. Excelling in his academics, his passion for travelling has not being dulled, as he is an avid explorer always looking for a fresh trail to explore the unexplored. His unmatchable knowledge acquired by being active in the field for many years, has become one of the key factors in tailoring wonderful experiences at “I go to Sri Lanka” that goes beyond the typical “Tour Package” experience, offered by many.


                            Travel Specialst France

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                        Travel Specialist Australia

                                  Dilsha Deva







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